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2013-04-25-Peter-Wood-Presents-The-Celestron-Microscope *

Peter Wood West Toronto Celestron Magnifier Ashton Potter video
Thursday 6:30pm to 10:00 pm 

Our special guest, Peter Wood from the West Toronto Stamp Club, presents and demonstrates to the club this evening, the amazing  Celestron Digital Microscope and its application within philately. 

Members are encouraged to bring something to view tonight!  
A question and answer session follows.   

Plus, those in attendance will watch a short video titled "How It's Made" filmed at the renowned stamp printing house, Ashton Potter; with discussion afterwards.

Nights of the Round Table topic :  SHARING TECHNIQUES  

A workshop for working with stamps.
An opportunity for members to share their techniques for 
* removing stamps from paper, 
* removing hinges from stamps, 
* applying hinges to stamps etc. 
and a chance for members to improve their techniques.
Sharing Stamp Collecting Techniques - Round Table

This week the Round Table subject will be "Show Us Your Techniques"  An opportunity for members to share their techniques for removing stamps from paper, removing hinges from stamps, applying hinges to stamps etc.   This presents an opportunity for other members to improve their techniques.  Peter Butler has agreed to lead off the evening with a discussion of "Removing self-adhesive stamps from paper".  Other subjects will be dealt with as time permits. Hopefully this will be first of several sessions on "Techniques"  This will be a workshop on working with stamps.  Get there early to get a good seat.

(* This is a Tentative Event.   Events are subject to last minute changes, check back often. )