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2013-05-23-Bring-Your-Favorite-Stamp-(Special Event)-by-Peter-Butler

Peter Butler presents "My Favorite Stamps"
Thursday 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm

Selecting Favorite Stamps with Peter Butler:

Last meeting, Peter spent a few minutes explaining how the program for tonight May 23 would unfold.  

At the May 9th meeting, Peter distributed pages with blank picture frames which members were to take home and mount a few their favourite stamps. 

They would slip their frame pages into a plastic sleeve and bring them to tonight's meeting.  Then, they would have opportunities to explain to the group why the stamps they have “framed” are their favourite stamps.    

This special event is akin to our "Member's Five Minutes". 

Perfins - Perforated Initials - Great West Life

Nights of the Round Table topic : PERFINS

Tonight we explore the Corporate World of Perfins.  What do those little holes mean?  Who put them there?   Why? Does anyone know?  Are they garbage or collectible?   Bring any you want to get rid of and someone may take them off your hands.

( Events are subject to last minute changes, check back often. )