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Peter Butler presents "My Favorite Stamps"
Thursday 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm

Selecting Favorite Stamps with Peter Butler:

Back in May Peter spent a few minutes explaining how members could select and present to us their favorite stamps.

Peter distributed pages with blank picture frames which members were to take home and mount a few their favourite stamps. 

They would slip their frame pages into a plastic sleeve and bring them to both May 23rd's meeting and tonight's meeting (in written form to display). 

This special event is akin to our "Member's Five Minutes".


The Royal 2013 Royale in Review, by Peter Butler

This year the Royal was held in Winnipeg, just last weekend: June 21-22-23.   With over 200 Stamp Exhibits/Frames we'll find out if any from the GTA attended and which. 

Plus:  A word from our President about our Celebration BBQ this summer.

Nights of the Round Table topic : AUSTRALIA 

Bring your traders and want lists and questions in tonight. 
Round Table Topic - Australia

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