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Saturday 10am to 4pm

It's Bourse Time again!
  • Club Sales Circuit & 10 cent books
  • Snack Bar Refreshments
  • Canada Post Supported 
  • Door Prizes
  • Free Onsite Parking (limited)
  •  Green P  and TTC is 1 block south 
  • Free Admission!  Families Welcome.  Bring the kids!

snapd pics:

Dealers Signed Up

Hugh Anderson
R. Tanfield
P. Durbano
Rod paige
Rick Day
Jim McKenzie
Bob Thorne
Peter Wheatley
Ted Wright
John Beddows
Art Halpaert
Gerry Clarke
John Geddes
Gary Coates
Brian Wolfenden
Mattia Guida
Geoff Solway
Rick Howard
Peter Lim
Stanley Doktor

Kiloware Contest

We will have a special surprise at the November 19 Bourse.

All visitors to the Bourse will have the chance to win a box of one kilogram of stamps; a beautiful mixture of thousands and thousands of commemoratives and definitives, on paper and off paper with a high retail value.

Contestants will have to guess how many stamps are in the box.  The one who comes closest to the actual number of stamps, will win the kiloware box of stamps.

The winner will be contacted by phone on Monday, November 21st.
Guess How Many Stamps are in the box - Win Kiloware Stamps!
Next Up  
 November 24th:   The Post Office Museum & Ordering Philatelic Material with Free Delivery