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It's our 3rd stamp bourse of the year.

September 9th
Hours: 10:00am to 4:00pm

              • 22 tables of stamp vendors' wares
              • over 100 sales circuit books including recent issues
              • over 100 ten cent books
              • members' tables
              • door prizes, 1st prize is 1 Kilo of stamps!
              •  snack bar
              • wheelchair access
              • parking at the church and on nearby streets
              •  Green P  and TTC is 1 block south
              • Free Admission!  Families Welcome.  Bring the kids!

              • See our SnapD media coverage: 

Dealers Signed-Up

Al Singer
Alan Charlesworth 
Brian Wolfenden 
Daniel Marz  
Franco DiLieto 
Geoff Solway 
Gerry Clarke  
Hugh Anderson 
Jim McKenzie 
John Geddes 

Klaus Baumfeld 
Pat Durbano  
Peter Lim  
Peter Rennie 
Peter Wheatley 
Ralph Tanfield 
Rick Day  
Rick Howard  
Robert Duncanson 
Stanley Doktor 

 Next Up 
 Sept 14th:   Welcome Back & Members' 5 Minutes
 Sept 28th:   Prof. Albert Ng on Modern Stamp Design