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2017-11-09 SWAP SHOP and Philatelic Tour of Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Philatelic Tour of Mount Pleasant Cemetery
 Nov 18th:  Saturday WINTER BOURSE
 Nov 23rd:  The 1939 Royal Tour by Joe Trauzzi 
Dec 14th:  Festive Potluck Social Gathering (tentative)


Thursday 6:30pm to 10:00 pm

Based on an aerial view of the renowned mid-Toronto landmark, come on a philatelic tour of Mount Pleasant Cemetery Exhibit.

Starting at the top with the Neilson (of chocolate fame) monument, then winding its way down the graveyard routes, stopping and learning about famous (and not so famous) dead people. Ending at the bottom of the map at Maple Leafs tycoon, Steve Stavros’ statuesque resting place.

Leon Matthys curates a slide show and journeys through the famous graveyard, telling Necro-philatelic tales of some of its eternal residents.  

It's creation is also covered: featuring genealogical and archive searches, and how to accumulate the right material.

All welcome!


LETTERS "C"  to "F" COLLECTORS come prepared for the opening of the NTSC "SWAP SHOP"  New!! 

For the month of November "trial",  we are opening a SWAP table from 6 to 7:30pm and 9 to 9:30pm for collectors of countries beginning with the letters C to F. 

Bring your duplicates and extras to bargain with your fellow collectors.

As an added incentive there will be C to F  $.10 books and C to F stamps, sets and Souvenir Sheets available at 60% off catalogue.

If successful, we will work our way through the rest of the Scott catalogues throughout 2018.