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2018-02-22 Two Guests, 2 Canadian Themed Exhibits

Ted Nixon presents the Group of Seven centennials.
2) President of the Philatelic Specialists Society of Canada (PSSC), Ingo Nessel, NTSC# 628, who presents us his 1-frame exhibit on the familiar and various 50c Parliament booklet stamps which began in 1985.  Answering: How did customers make use of their low value stamps?

  80th Anniversary Competition  
1938 13c Confederation stamp NTSC 80th Year
We invite you to bring to the club a souvenir depicting 80 years of something.  (For example 80th Birthday of the Queen Mother, 80th Anniversary of the UPU, etc.)  Someone will win a special gift for the most appealing item!

We strive to celebrate a little bit of our 80th anniversary at each meeting during 2018.  Come on out and enjoy with us.

6:30pm to 10:00pm

Two distinguished NTSC members are our special guests this evening. Both will share their 1-frame exhibits based on their unique Canadian topics.

1) President of the Vincent Greene Philatelic Foundation, Ted Nixon, NTSC# 263, who presents his fun-filled 16-page display showing the artistic scenes of Canada of the 1967 high value centennial definitive stamps; Nixon features his own hand-drawings and properly used examples of the various rates.

Ingo Nessel presents 50c Parliament Booklet stamps.


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On February 22 and March 8, we will be focusing on countries with the letters: 

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  Mar 08th:   Canada-150 series by SAC member
                      (Saturday 10am to 4pm)

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