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We aim to celebrate a little bit of our 80th anniversary at each meeting during 2018.

Come on out and partake in our birthday with us.

Thursday 6:30pm to 10:00 pm

Join us tonight as member since 1975, Dan Marz  NTSC #181, presents his passion around the Berlin International Auto Shows.

Dan's interest in the shows first arose as a childhood love for those three German stamps issued at the exhibition in 1939.

Like most kids, he could only ever afford used copies of the cheaper first two values.  Over the next 55 years, he pursued the third blue "Volkswagen" stamp, and then, a
heck of a lot more of all 3 of them!

His Large Silver and AAPE WE Sterling Silver at the 2018 NTSC Annual Exhibit are the results.   Bravo Dan!

Coming Soon at the NTSC

   June 28th:    "A Plague on all your houses"  Italian forgeries revealed.
   July 26th:    Annual Summer Barbecue