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Thursday 6:30pm to 10:00 pm

Volcanoes, geysers and geothermal energy have helped shape the earth since its creation. They have also affected,
in both positive and negative ways, humans existence on the planet.

Larry Lockway, NTSC#808, presented a sample collection of stamps and covers depicting these creative and destructive forces of nature.  While concentrating on Iceland, items from other countries revealed how widespread these phenomena occur elsewhere.

Our second guest, Bob Henderson, NTSC#192, presented his topic of beer 

Beer is more interesting than libraries, archives, museums, and galleries, in which he also specializes. 

He has been developing his beer topic for about 2 years.  He presented to us beer-associated stamps, featuring brewers, breweries, transportation, ingredients, and other things beer-related. 

There were no beer samples to try, sorry.