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Daniel Marz on Georges Bétemps

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 April 25th:
76th Annual Exhibitors' Awards and Critiques

Thursday 6:30pm to 10:00 pm

This evening, the stamp work of the world famous French designer and engraver, Georges Bétemps, is the exciting topic of longtime member Daniel Marz (NTSC #181).  

Georges Betemps was born in Paris in 1921. He attended some of the same arts and technical schools as many of his better known philatelic colleagues. Upon graduation however, he did not immediately enter the work force, opting instead to join the French Resistance Movement in 1941. At war's end, Betemps took up anew his profession as a stamp designer and engraver for the French Postal Administration.

Ultimately Betemps proved to be an extraordinary engraver and designer, and perhaps one of France's finest philatelic craftsmen. Although Betemps was never a stamp collector himself, his extraordinary workmanship earned him the prestigious "Grand Prix de L'Art Philatelique" not once, but twice in his lifetime.