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2019-05-09 Live-Floor-Auction

Thursday 5:30pm to 10:00 pm

Simon Claughton - NTSC Auctioneer
We had our 2nd Members' Live Auction on May 9th.

Simon Claughton and John Robertson were our auctioneers.

 New Auction Feature! 

Feature Auction Lot: Used Canada #1 (Click to enlarge)

We have launched a new auction feature: photos of the most valuable auction lots.  NTSC members now have the opportunity to generate interest of their best item up for bids at the next auction by bringing it to the meeting preceding the auction.  Each member will be able to present their one item, say a few words about it, including start price and display it for a short period of time.

The club, too, will take advantage of this initiative and present its most valuable item for sale at auctions.

For the May 9th auction, the NTSC will put up for bids a used Canada #1 stamp with a starting price of $1

Members:  What a great way to turn your unwanted items into cash, and at the same time, build up your collection.
Come early 5:30 to preview items and get your auction lots registered. 

Download Live Auction Slips
Visitors are welcome to bid only, as always.  Only Members can sell.

Don't forget to download, print and fill-in Live Auction lot slips and grab a bidder's paddle before the event

We normally process payments at the auction's end and sellers get paid the same night.  

Don't forget to Bring Cash!

Unsold auction lots: can be held over to get added to our popular Members' Table Buy-it-Now Lots which are held most every meeting night, and also during most Bourses and Stamp Shows.   

Contact our Auctions Chair
for more information on how to sell your excess philatelic materials.

Important Note: 

There will be no Swap Shoppe activities on Auction nights.

Coming Soon!!

May 23rd
Pitcairn Islands Postal History
 with Dr David Foot