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2019-06-08 Summer Bourse

Saturday June 8th, 2019 10:00am until 4:00pm.

There's a Stamp Show Here Today at North Toronto
  • 20+ stamp vendors 
  • Club Sales Circuit & 10 cent books
  • Snack Bar Refreshments
  • Canada Post Supported 
  • Free Onsite Parking (limited)
  •  Green P  and TTC is 1 block south 
  • Free Admission!  Families Welcome. 
  • Bring the kids! 

Dealers Signed Up

      Extensive List of Door Prizes and their winners..
1st prize: One Kg of stamps won by Bob Thorne
2nd prize: Half Kg of stamps won by Kai Ma
3rd prize: $50 sales circuit voucher won by Xingjuan Yang
4th prize: 200 worldwide covers won by Klaus Hintz
5th prize: Imperf Montenegro S/S SC#129E CV $70 won by Derek Beasley
6th prize: Macedonia S/S Mother Theresa, CV $50 won by Les Selby
7th prize: Fiji 4 mini-sheets Europa SC#1050-3 CV $44 won by Larry Luchyn
8th prize: $20 sales circuit voucher won by John Mueller
9th prize: Albania circus S/S SC#2767 CV $12 won by Dan Marz
10th prize St. Tomé & Principe S/S CV $12.50 won by Paul Gillingham

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