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2019-09-14 Autumn Bourse

 Saturday Sept 14th, 2019 10:00am until 4:00pm

There's a Stamp Show Here Today at North Toronto
  • 20+ stamp vendors 
  • Club Sales Circuit & 10 cent books
  • Snack Bar Refreshments
  • Canada Post Supported 
  • Free Onsite Parking (limited)
  •  Green P  and TTC is 1 block south 
  • Free Admission!  Families Welcome. 
  • Bring the kids! 

Table Numbers & Dealers Signed Up: (Updated Sept 14,2019)
  1 Peter Lim - Covers Only
  2 Al Singer
  3 Rick Howard
  4 Stanley Doktor
  5 John Geddes – Unionville Stamps
  6 Jim McKenzie
  7 & 8 Franco Dilieto
  9 & 10 Rick Day  – Medallion Stamps
 11 Pat Durbano
 12 Art Halpert
 13 Gay Barratt

 14 Bob Mann
 15 Hugh Anderson
 16 & 17 Mark Kanzo
 18 Brian Wolfenden
 19 & 20 Geoff Solway
 21 Rod Paige
 22 Joe Than
  NEXT UP:   
  19th The USA Rigid Airship Program by Les Selby (not the 26th)
        Extensive List of Door Prizes, Winners Announced:

1st Prize:  One kilo of stamps  Frank Van De Water
2nd Prize: Half kilo of stamps Peter Chmatil 3rd prize: $50 NTSC Sales Circuit voucher Art Hefferton 4th Prize: Canada Post Millennium Collection (Courtesy Rick Day) Jonathan Smith 5th prize: 300 worldwide covers (Courtesy Geoff Solway)Roopnarine Sitaram 6th Prize: 1967 Centennial Flower Issue (Courtesy Rick Day)Lloyd McNeilly 7th Prize: Macedonia S/S Mother Theresa, Stamp-on-Stamp #352 CV$50 Doug Muir 8th Prize: $20 NTSC Sales Circuit voucher Will MacDonald 9th Prize: Dominica gold-plated stamp 1st trans-Atlantic solo woman pilot Mike Lalonde 10th Prize: $15 NTSC Sales Circuit voucher Jun Shy 11th Prize: 1987 Wildlife Habitat Conservation stamp CV$25 Colin Parsons 12th Prize: 1985 Wildlife Habitat Conservation stamp CV$20 Larry Luchyn 13th Prize: Selection of 10 souvenir sheets Barb Scott 14th Prize: Selection of 10 souvenir sheets Charles Steacy