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2020-03-12 'What-I-Collect' : A Presentation by Two Members

Thursday 6:30pm to 10:00 pm




Back by popular demand, the recurring theme of two member-sessions starts in 2020 with two Pauls:

Our first guest member, Paul Gillingham #875, demonstrates how he collects modern used Canadian stamps using examples of some of his successful and not-so successful results.
"I love the higher denomination stamps. In particular, the $10 Blue Whale, the $8 Grizzly and the $5 Moose. So, when I get an opportunity to get copies of these, I make it as easy as possible for the recipients of my packages to send the stamps back to me."

Followed by Paul Voulgaris #872, who became interested in mushrooms more than 30 years ago because of their strange nature; they are neither an animal neither a plant nor even a flower.  All mushrooms are edible! Simply some of them you only get to eat once.
"So, when I decided to start a thematic stamp collection the choice was obvious. I could talk for hours about my experiences with mushrooms after foraging for them for close to 35 years, however, I promise to talk more about my stamp collection rather the incredible kingdom of fungi."

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