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2021-08-12 Exploring Astronomy & Space Thru Philately by Katrin Raynor-Evans

5pm - Aug 12th

Katrin Evans-Raynor presents Astronomy & Space through Philately at the NTSC

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Join us via Zoom August 12th at 5pm with our special guest from South Wales UK Katrin Raynor-Evans, as she introduces us to Astronomy and Space through philately. 

Her thematic presentation will range from comets to space shuttles and how these special events have been commemorated through philately.

Katrin's ubiquitous columns, articles and presentations can be found at: the APS, Royal Astronomical Society, Royal Geographical Society, BBC Sky at Night,
Astro Space Stamp Society,  Stanley Gibbons Magazine, Astronomy Magazine and more!

Contact Klaus to get an invitation to this exciting Zoom presentation, details below:
(Note the earlier start time of 5pm Toronto-time).

Free for the asking..

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