Acclaimed at our 2022 Annual General Meeting

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President, Les Selby
Vice-President, (Vacant Position)
Secretary, Glenn Dixon
Treasurer, Ernie Nyitrai
Sales Circuit Chair, John Sharp
Auctions Chair, Bob Amaron
Auctions Committee Members: 
John Alexander
Ernie Nyitrai
Peter Butler
John Robertson
John Wilson
Simon Claughton
Leon Matthys
Bourses Chair, John Robertson
Exhibition Chair, John Wilson
Exhibition Committee Members:

Derwin Mak
Bob Henderson
Les Selby
Rob Amaron
Jean Wang
Leon Matthys
Program Co-Chair, Peter Butler
Program Co-Chair, Mattia Guida
Membership Chair, Klaus Hintz
Membership Committee Members:
Mattia Guida
Leon Matthys
Ernie Nyitrai
Friendship Committee Chair, Bob Amaron 
Friendship Committee Members:
Barb Scott
Ken Mark
Website Admin, Leon Matthys
Committee Members:
Mattia Guida, Facebook co-admin

Immediate Past President, Mattia Guida
Club Historian, John Wilson
Newsletter Editor, Jean Wang
Book Lending Librarian, John Wilson
GTAPA Representative, Bruce Philip
Director-at-Large (Vacant)
Director-at-Large (Vacant)
Director-at-Large (Vacant)
Director-at-Large (Vacant)