Due to the current pandemic, the NTSC is hosting its 77th Exhibition online this year.  This virtual exhibit will run from December 7th to 28th, 2020.  Exhibiting is a great opportunity to show off the talents and skills of the Club's member ... and to promote our hobby to the public.

Exhibitors may submit:

 • One-page (adhering to one of 3 'special challenge' themes)

 • ½-frame (eight – 8½ x 11” pages)

 • One-frame (sixteen - 8½ x 11” pages) or

 • multi-frame


Download Exhibitor's Application Form here

Here are our club's exhibiting rules: http://bit.ly/NTSC-Exhibiting-Rules-

The APS Judge's Manual is a valuable resource: https://classic.stamps.org/userfiles/file/judges/Judging-Manual.pdf 

Need Help with Synopsis Page writing? Try this: www.aape.org/article_2009_titlepagesynopsis.asp

Learn to create your own 1-Page Exhibit with Peter Butler's guide and examples.

Exhibit competitions are judged at the national level by acclaimed and expert judges.  
Certificates, Ribbons and Medals will be awarded to those exhibitors who enter and/or win.   

The Harold Gosney / People's Choice Award is awarded by popular vote by ballot to the most favorite display.