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Quarterly Bourses

Bourses are our stamp markets.  Merchants set up shop for the day and cater to the stamp collecting public.   

Supported in part by Canada Post, NTSC's bourses occur 4 times a year: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.  We pack in over 20 vendors and feature (limited) free parking,  a snack bar, door prizes, free admission, exhibits, table auction items, sales circuit books, 10c books and more.  

Browse our Calendar of Events (above) for our next upcoming bourse.

Vendors:  Interested in getting a table?  Contact our Bourses Chair 
for details.

Bourses covered by local media of
North Toronto
2017-09-09 NTSC Autumn Stamp Bourse
2017-06-10 NTSC Summer Stamp Bourse
2017-03-11 NTSC Spring Stamp Bourse
2016-11-19 NTSC Winter Stamp Bourse
2016-09-10 NTSC Autumn Stamp Bourse
2016-06-04 NTSC Summer Stamp Bourse
2016-03-19 NTSC Spring Stamp Bourse
2015-11-21 NTSC Winter Stamp Bourse
2015-09-12 NTSC Autumn Stamp Bourse
2014-11-22 NTSC Winter Stamp Bourse
2014-03-22 NTSC Spring Stamp Bourse